Hong Kong: 2022 Employment Support Scheme will begin application on 29 April 2022

The 2022 Employment Support Scheme (“ESS”) under the Anti-epidemic Fund will open for applications on Friday, 29 April 2022.  This round of ESS would provide wage subsidies for three months for firms to retain their current employees or even employ more staff.

Under the 2022 ESS, firms will get a monthly maximum of HK$8,000 per eligible full-time employee from May to July, and half that amount for part-time staff who earn at least HK$3,000 monthly. Each company can apply for the subsidy for maximum 1,000 workers.

Unlike the previous ESS, this round is also applicable for new hires.  If firms hire new employees during the subsidy period, they are required to open MPF employee accounts for the relevant employees in that month, provide wage for May, June and July 2022 information to MPF trustees and make contributions on or before the MPF contribution day as announced by the MPF Schemes Authority to prove that wages have been paid to the relevant employees for the month.

All employers will be required to maintain the number of paid staff after receiving the subsidy and use the full subsidy on wages, which must be reflected in staff MPF contributions. If firms breach the rule, they will be ordered to return the full amount of subsidies received and pay an additional 10 per cent extra as a fine.

Employers who intend to apply should duly complete and submit the online application form and upload the necessary documents within a 14-day period from Friday, i.e. until 12 May 2022. Only applications successfully submitted online will be processed.

If our assistance on applying for the 2022 ESS would be required, please feel free to let us know.


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