Second Round of Anti-epidemic Fund Measures in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government has announced the second round of $ 137.5 billion anti-epidemic fund measures on 8 April 2020. One of the main objectives is to promote job retention, job creation and job advancement. The relief measures include the followings:

  • 50% wage subsidy for each employee, capped at monthly wage of HK $ 18,000, will be provided to employer for a period of six months with the first payout not later than June 2020. In case, your company is currently planning to restructure the employment arrangement with your employees, please feel free to contact us and we could advise you further on this matter.
  • Profits tax and salaries tax payment for the year of assessment 2018/19 will also be automatically extended for three months.

Please refer to the enclosed slides for the key measures that may be applicable to your company.

If you have any questions on this round of relief measures, please feel free to let us know.

Download the slides

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